New Psycoactive Substances Advanced Research

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The great expansion of the spread of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) on the Internet and the increase of their use among young people has unfortunately found institutions and research centers unprepared to deal with this problematic issue, now become a global phenomenon.

The limited available scientific knowledge on these substances, on their metabolism, their organ effects and effective therapies, involve that research dutifully invest efforts in this area in relation to its scientific interest and its importance in the defense and promotion of public health.

This website and the innovative early warning system connected to it are oriented towards advanced research and the increasingly early identification of NPS and towards the study of new and innovative solutions - including in the prevention field - based on an eminently scientific approach. All this is possible by correlating the knowledge in the field of Neuroscience of addiction with the knowledge from Forensic Toxicology.

The collaboration with major international organizations and scientific institutions is a must and this is what we did with the spirit of sharing scientific information for the good of the community with a "high-level networking" among all the forces in the field.

giovanni serpelloni Giovanni Serpelloni
URITo.N. - Unit for Research and Innovation on Forensic Toxicology, Neuroscience of Addiction and New drugs. FT-DSS UNIFI
Addiction Neuroscience and Forensic Toxicology Senior Consultant
Director Addiction Department, Regional Health System
Head of Coordination Unit Verona, National Early Warning System
Former Head of Department for Anti-drug Policies, Presidency of the Council of Ministers Ita.Gov.
elisabetta bertol Elisabetta Bertol
Full Professor of Forensic Toxicology
University of Florence 
Coordinator of Master in Forensic Psychopathology and criminology
Past President Scientific Association GTFI 
(Italian Forensic Toxicologists Group)